Terrant News & Media

Terrant News & Media are a digital media, based in Bandung and Jakarta which covers Indonesia entirely. Terrant News & Media is a particularly segmented media with focus on Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE).

Our channel varies from website (www.terrant.id), and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) as terrant.id.



Our presence aims to cultivate, socialize, and accommodate public awareness of HSE (Health, Safety, & Environment) in a comprehensive way.



Since the immense amount of accidents occur both in the work- place and daily life here in Indonesia.

By displaying exceptional quality content, through targeted and laser focused distribution, and using legitimate and positive journalism so it can be devoured by all degrees of society. Either in workplace and daily life.



To establish society with competency in Health, Safety, & Environment, Terrant News & Media uphold the values of Fact, Listen, Rejuvenate and Inclusive for a holistic content publishing.

We put forward the facts in all aspects of content. We listen and aspire to become an interactive media. We rejuvenate our content so it will not only be informative but also objective, educative, and entertaining.



We are Inclusive, we present content by targeting the wider public and society. It not only conceives Health, Safety, & Environment culture in the work surroundings but also builds HSE culture in the daily life of the society.